Whitney Yadrich

Merriam City Council | Ward 2

A Fresh Perspective


…on community dialogue.

I will champion an increase in proactive, frequent and transparent communication. Together, we will mend the fractured trust between city hall and Merriam residents.

…on maximizing our potential.

Ward 2 is one of the hottest residential zip codes in the country, with unique community and commercial opportunities. Together, we will create functional, high-value places to spend time, and work with businesses to keep Merriam a desirable retail destination.

…on high-value investments.

It’s time to implement sustainable solutions for stormwater, walkability, infrastructure and resources. Together, we will make choices that benefit Merriam now and preserve its future. 

I am


…an accomplished leader.

As a Senior Project Manager, I work through complex problems using context, compassion and experience. I build strong teams, genuine relationships and make high-stakes decisions. I will represent Ward 2 using this expertise, focusing on our strong sense of community and working to make sure Merriam prospers!

…an expert communicator.

I believe in productive, respectful and transparent conversation. As a former local journalist, I instinctively research issues, ask questions and listen to people tell their stories; and I know how to effectively share information. I will empathize with voices on every side of an issue and I know that the loudest voice in the room isn’t always the most competent.

…equipped by My Strengths.



I identify problems, find the root causes and resolve them.



I seek areas of agreement when handling conflict and strive for consensus.



I understand the present by researching and learning from its history.



I sense and share the feelings of others by identifying with their situations.



I prioritize, act and follow through, while being able to course correct.



Al Frisby.png
“I find that Whitney knows the issues before even sitting on the council, and she is very intelligent. I’ve decided to recommend her to my Ward 2 residents as the person who will sit in my chair on the Merriam City Council in January.”
— Al Frisby | Ward 2 Incumbent
“We believe that people with different points of view can come together to forge good government that benefits all citizens.”
— MainStream Coalition
“A multi-partisan, multicultural, grass roots organization dedicated to increasing women’s participation in politics and creating a power base designed to achieve equality for all women.”
— Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus
“Our mission is to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”
— Equality Kansas